Consuming Under Cooked Food Warning

According to the Food and Drug Administration of the United States Government, eating under cooked foods like eggs, poultry, beef, and fish come with a significantly higher risk of foodborne illness than eating the same food fully cooked.

This means you have a higher chance of getting sick from food that you don’t cook hot enough and long enough to kill all of the bacteria that are present.

Beef jerky falls into this category, because the meat is not cooked and held at a temperature that would effectively kill all of the bacteria.

Even though your dehydrator may say it runs at 165 degrees, it may not actually hold at that temperature long enough to kill the bacteria.

When you choose to eat beef jerky, you must do so understanding the increased risks of eating under cooked beef, and agree that you alone are assuming that risk. will not be responsible for any outcomes, positive or negative from your experience with beef jerky or any of the things needed to prepare and eat beef jerky.  Please see our Legal Page for more information.

For more information about the safe handling, preparing, and storing of food, you can check out the Food and Drug Administration Website, which has a lot of material on the subject.

If you are in need of food handling guidance, the FDA is the best choice for your information. Don’t rely on friends, the internet, or anyone other than a trusted source when it comes to your health.

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