Ground Beef Jerky: How to Make Great Tasting Beef Jerky Using Ground Beef

Ground Beef Jerky: How to Make Great Tasting Beef jerky Using Ground Beef is the first book in the Jerky Maker book series, and it will show you the easy way to make the best beef jerky you have ever eaten in your life. Not only that, but because you use ground beef instead of whole muscle, making jerky this way only takes only a tiny fraction of the time. 

ground beef jerky making book the jerky maker seriesYou can go from thinking about making beef jerky to eating your own recipe in just a few hours, which is super fact compared to making traditional jerky. Also, the process is easy, the equipment you need is inexpensive, and the spices are so common you can find nearly all of them in your local grocery store.

All you need is a good book to get you going, and teach you the process. There is a lot already on my site, but you can definitely go farther with the book. 

Ground Beef Jerky: How to Make Great Tasting Beef Jerky Using Ground Beef

Here are a few of the topics that the book addresses, and I’ll go into each one in detail coming up:

  1. Equipment for Making Beef Jerky 
  2. Ingredients for Making Beef Jerky
  3. Step by Step Process for Making Jerky
  4. Recipe Craft
  5. Turning Up the Heat
  6. Next Level Jerky Making
  7. Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting
  8. Caring for Homemade Jerky
  9. Ground Beef Jerky Recipes

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Equipment for Making Beef Jerky 

The first chapter of the book starts right out with the equipment you need to make jerky using ground beef. Thankfully, you only need a couple items and they are both inexpensive.

Sometimes you can find both at a regular grocery store, but you can also find them online. The total cost for the equipment to get started making beef jerky is about $60, depending which brand of equipment you buy. After that, it’s just common kitchen stuff like bowls, measuring spoons, etc.

Ingredients for Making Beef Jerky

ground-beef-jerky-spicesThe next major section of the book talks about the different ingredients that you need in order to make beef jerky. It starts out with a good base mix recipe, which lays down the flavors that you would expect in a great tasting jerky.

After that, there are explanations of the best spice mixes, individual herbs, and individual spices, and how they can make your jerky more flavorful. There are also several other types of ingredients that are fully explained, giving you a lot of knowledge about ingredients right at the beginning, which means you’ll make better jerky right from the start.

Step by Step Process for Making Jerky

Once you have your equipment and ingredients, you’ll need to know the process. This chapter has a very thorough, step-by-step explanation of the process for making ground beef jerky.

When you are familiar with this method, which is super easy to learn, you’ll be able to take this exact same process and make hundreds other recipes.

The process is a large part of the secret to why ground beef jerky comes out a lot faster than traditional jerky. Once you learn how to do it, you’ll be ready to start making your own recipes, and that’s covered in the next chapter.

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Recipe Craft

It’s not enough just to know how to follow a recipe, this chapter of the book explains how great recipes are crafted, and gives you the insight you need to start making your own.

Understand the mechanics of a good beef jerky recipe, and you’ll be able to apply the same techniques and principles to your own ideas, and come up with good tasting recipes more often.

Turning Up the Heat

spicy-beef-jerky-recipe-finished-in-a-glass-ready-to-eatSpices the star of this chapter, particularly the ones that add heat. It’s just expected that jerky has a little bit of spice. Even if you prefer mild jerky, you can absolutely do that, and this chapter will show you how to dial in just the right amount of spice for your liking.

There is also a nice introduction to the different peppers that you can use, as well as their expected heat level and impact on a recipe.

Next Level Jerky Making

Next level jerky making is just that, it’s going beyond the basics that you’ve learned and throwing some interesting twists into the recipes.

Some of these took me a very long time to learn and some of them were just happy accidents. Either way, you’ll benefit from my years of experimentation, and I’ll give you the tricks right out of the gate.

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Tips, Tricks, and Troubleshooting

With any hobby, there are always some insider tips that can make the process a lot easier. This section of the book deals with some of the common things that you’ll run into as a new jerky maker, and some traps that you can avoid.

There is also a troubleshooting section that can help you if you run into any problems along the way. Problems are few when it comes to ground beef jerky, but it’s still nice to know you’ll be able to find the solution.

Caring for Homemade Jerky

Garlic-Molasses-Beef-JerkyOnce you’ve made your jerky, you’ll need to know how to store it. This chapter explains everything you’ll need to know about caring for your freshly made beef jerky.

Most of the time, you will eat the entire recipe in a couple days tops, though in the beginning you’ll likely eat it all on the first day. Even so, you will eventually need to know how to make it last longer than a day, and this chapter will tell you. 

Ground Beef Jerky Recipes

Finally, the last chapter of the book has 20 of my absolute favorite recipes ground beef jerky, and I share them all with you.

There are fresh recipes as well as dried spices recipes, which lets you use different types of ingredients to make excellent jerky.

Even though I’ve published several more books, with hundreds more recipes, these original 20 are still some of my favorites, and they will be your favorites too.

The Jerky Maker Series

All of my books are a part of the The Jerky Maker Book Series, and you can find them on Amazon.

The Jerky Maker Book Series

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